I N S I D E  C U P  and  S A U C E R

What's our "Bag"?

We love TEA, we love drinking tea and blending tea and our aim is to use INNOVATION to provide unique tea blends and tea infusions with outstanding FLAVOUR for you (our Tea Sippers) because ultimately we want to bring you JOY.

We choose QUALITY ingredients perfectly portioned in biodegradable tea pyramids to bring our INSPIRATION to each Cup and Saucer Tea.

To learn more about our tea and the story behind each tea cup click here - or you can also contact us if you have a question.

The name of the game...

The name Cup and Saucer is homage to the Martello Tower "Fort Grey" adorning the west coast of Guernsey in the Channel Islands. The tower is colloquially referred to as the "Cup and Saucer" owing to its unusual shape. Appropriately Fort Grey was named after the 1st Earl Grey, Governor of Guernsey and whose son is the British Statesman and Prime Minister after whom Earl Grey tea is named. To find out about our own Fort Grey Tea inspired by this story please click here.

Inside Cup & Saucer...

Cup and Saucer Teas is an independent business from the Channel Islands. Like previous inhabitants of the Channel Islands (Victor Hugo, Renoir and Thomas Hardy to name a few...) the founder of Cup and Saucer Teas took inspiration from her surroundings to create something truly unique. If you would like to find out more about Cup and Saucer Teas, or you think that you might like to become a stockist, please contact us.